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Balloon Columns

6ft balloon columns

Versatile 6ft columns can be completely customised to match the theme of your wedding or event.   They can be used in entrance areas or to define specific areas in a large open space. One popular use is to have a column at each corner of a dance floor.

4ft column latex balloon

From £15.00

Normally 9" latex balloons are used, but for more dramatic effects the tops of the columns can be made using one or more ‘Double Bubbles’.  A ‘Double Bubble’ is a balloon within a balloon, usually a coloured balloon inside a large clear balloon.

4ft balloon column 4ft balloon column 4ft balloon column 6ft balloon column 6ft balloon columns with arch

6ft column latex balloon

From £35.00

6ft column latex balloon

From £70.00 for a pair

4ft balloon columns

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